Your massage benefits are expiring

October 5 2017

Did you know? The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association estimates over 23 million people, or 67 per cent of the population have extended health care benefits – but only 27% are using their registered massage therapy extended health care coverage.
Treatments such as registered massage therapy can be a life changer for people who deal with various conditions such as: back pain, stress , anxiety, arthritis and pregnancy aches and pains.

Most extended health insurance programs cover these treatments yet only a small percentage of eligible individuals actually take advantage of claiming their extended health benefits.
“Survey after survey finds Canadians want more vacation time and better health benefits at work. But while most of us have some extended health coverage, few of us are actually making use of the benefits we have.” (CBC News, Health)
All extended health benefit plans are designed differently. If you want to learn more about your benefit plan coverage you can refer to your company employee benefit booklet or contact your insurance provider directly.  The Spa Ritual can provide you with a receipt for your insurance needs, please specify that you require a Registered Massage Therapist and insurance receipt when you book your treatment. 
Don’t wait to go on a year-end benefits binge in December!  Let us help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by pre-booking your massage therapy appointments to avoid disappointment.

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