Chemical Peels

When will I see results with a chemical peel?

Your skin will look and feel better immediately after a treatment. If you are acne prone, continued treatments will help to keep the pores unclogged.

What will I look like right after treatment, and what will the healing time be?

Generally, the skin may look slightly pink for a few hours after the treatment. Mineral makeup can be used starting right after the treatment as long as it is applied over a moisturizer.

You will need to increase your use of moisturizers after the treatment period as your skin will temporarily be slightly drier. Be sure to use sunscreen every morning.

A series of six treatments is recommended for optimal results.

Full face, $125
Decolleté, $110
Neck, $95
Hands, $95
Back, $155

Series pricing available


Botox services are now available at The Spa Ritual.

 Nurse Practitioner Anra Clark will offering this service at The Spa Ritual.  Please contact the spa or use our online booking system to book a consultiaton.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections (also known as an ‘injectable fillers’ and ‘soft tissue fillers’) are non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments that can add volume to correct age-related skin creases, wrinkles, and folds. They can also be used to add volume to hollows and sunken areas or to add definition and enhancement to other facial features.