Grounding Thai Foot Ritual with Steve

October 5 2017


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This 13 year veteran in massage therapy has always liked focusing on working out the kinks, and this October Steve sat down to tell us about his favourite treatment at The Spa Ritual - the Grounding Thai Foot Ritual Massage.

This stress-relieving experience is inspired by traditional Thai foot massage. Ginseng, Ginko and stimulating Bamboo help increase circulation and remove impurities. A massage of the lower legs and feet involves a variety of traditional techniques including graceful, two-handed palm movements and acupressure utilizing a Thai Mahogany stick, to stimulate the reflex points on the feet.
" People don't' always think of their feet when it comes to massage, but it is important to realize that problems in the body often originate in the foot." says Steve, who trained at Makami College in Calgary. Your foot is what hits the ground first - like the game Jenga - if the base is not solid, you fall over."

Steve takes a technical, focused approach to foot massage, working from the bottom up to knee to stimulate blood flow and  using a system of touch to promote a healthy state of balance for the foot.  Steve recommends that after a massage, to follow up with stretching exercises, as the benefits of massage will last longer and result in less discomfort after. Massage is also recommended before a chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment, as it will loosen you up and the adjustment will last longer.


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