Yummy Mummy Rituals

Exclusively created for yummy mummies and yummy mummies to be.

Delightful Additions

Cooling Eye Lift (for dark circles and puffy eyes)

Luscious Lips Revitalization (soften and nourish)

Scalp Massage (nourishes and moisturizers)

We recommend combining your treatment with one of our pedicures to maximize your rejuvenation experience.

New Mummy Nurturing Massage

(Not performed during pregnancy)

A deeply relaxing massage, customized upon consultation. Skin nourishing cream revitalizes and soothes the skin.

60 minutes, $145

Mummy-To-Be Prenatal Massage

(Performed only after first trimester)

Designed to nurture the expectant mother and baby. Effleurage and light petrissage are used to alleviate tension and improve circulation in the feet, legs, lower back, hips and neck. Skin nourishing cream is applied to the tummy and hips.

60 minutes, $145

Yummy Mummy Facial

A customized soothing, balancing facial helps calm and hydrate the skin. Reduces redness and hyper-sensitivity, while nourishing and conditioning the skin. For best results, repeat this ritual every four weeks.

90 minutes, $195