Spa for one

Offering complementary treatment combinations for ease of gift-giving or planning your own spa experience.

Please call 403.547.9558 to inquire about our spa cuisine.

Mum To Be Ritual

60 Minute Mummy To Be Massage, 75 Minute Ritual Spa Pedicure, Signature Smoothie and Chocolate.

Please Note: Guest must be past their first trimester. 

2 hours 15 minutes, $267


Zen for Men

60 minute Sabai Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage, 15 minute Scalp Treatment, 60 minute Sports Pedicure, Signature Smoothie and Chocolate. 

2 hours 15 minutes, $282

Deluxe Cherish

90 minute Sabai Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage, 90 minute Customized Facial, Signature Smoothie and Chocolate. 

3 hours, $425

The Spa Ritual Experience

60 minute Customized Facial, 75 minute Ritual Spa Pedicure, 60 minute Sabai Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage, Signature Smoothie and Chocolate. 

3 hours 15 minutes, $422

Bamboo Forest

45 minute Asian Styled Body Scrub, 90 minute Royal Bamboo Massage, 60 Minute Customized Facial, Signature Smoothie, Spa Cuisine and Chocolate.

3 hours 30 minutes, $518